Reduce Pain


Gain Energy

Reduce Pain


Gain Energy

You have the power to heal!

Did you know that a significant number of chronic health issues

can be overcome simply by changing the foods that you eat?

But where do you start?

Pivot Nutritional Wellness
Lainey Barclay

Hi, I'm Lainey Barclay...

I am dedicated to helping you achieve the health and energy you’re looking for, with the time and resources that you have.

Let's work together to feel confident in your food choices and gain the energy to meet life’s challenges and dance through the celebrations.

Are you ready to enjoy a life-changing relationship with food?

Work with me

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Free discovery call

Is therapeutic nutrition for you? Speak with Lainey about your health needs and feel confident in your next steps.

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Metabolism Reboot Package

Discover how to heal & rejuvenate without calorie counting, restrictive food or expensive products.

Blossom Package

The Blossom Package

A powerful 3-month program working one on one with Lainey to combat fatigue and alleviate pain.

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The Galvanize Package

An intensive life-transforming program focused on overcoming fatigue, GI or chronic pain conditions.

Let's chat!

Does chronic fatigue or chronic pain interrupt your life?

Are you ready to start feeling like yourself again?

Book a free discovery call and find out if this is the right path for you!

“The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system”

- Robert J Peele

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