You can feel good again!

Is it time to make a change?

Nutrition Program Online

Do you feel...

Overwhelmed with the amount of nutrition information that is out there?

Like you already know the “right” foods to eat but are having a hard time making the changes?

Exhausted with pain and poor sleep, and you are just ready to make yourself a priority?

Please know... You can feel good again!

At Pivot Therapeutic Nutrition, you have a home that offers unwavering support on your journey to deeper health and wellness.

Here you have a space that allows you to gain individualized solutions to health challenges and a partner in health and wellness who is qualified to equip you with credible information and knowledge to help guide your choices.

I can help you...

  • create an individualized plan that fits your unique needs
  • gain access to accurate and credible nutrition information that is relevant to you
  • feel confident in your relationship with food and in your food choices
  • prevent disease and chronic illness
  • learn new skills that you can carry with you for a lifetime
  • identify and work through barriers to your health goals
  • feel supported and heard while you get to the root of a chronic health issue


Metabolism Boost


Discover how to heal & rejuvenate without calorie counting, restrictive food or expensive products.

Gain tools and coaching to create and maintain healthy food habits and strengthen your metabolism to look and feel your best with this 30-day system.


  • Initial consultation - full health and lifestyle review.
  • Three sessions for planning, coaching and support.
Blossom Package


This three-month package of clinical nutrition and individualized coaching will help you feel revitalized with more energy, less muscle and joint pain, and a heightened sense of well being.


  • Initial consultation - full health and lifestyle review.
  • Five sessions for planning, coaching and support.
Galvanize Package


Take a deeper dive into pain reduction and wellness with this 6-month Clinical Nutrition and coaching package. For people struggling with symptoms from auto-immune disorders, fibromyalgia, or blood sugar or cardiovascular concerns this package offers support through the process of repair into wellness.


  • Initial consultation - full health and lifestyle review.
  • Eleven sessions for planning, coaching and support.

All packages include access to...

  • Unlimited emailing and messaging with Lainey
  • An online platform that keeps all of your information, scheduling, and messages in one place
  • A herbal medicine assessment and formula
  • Discounted prices at online supplement dispensaries
  • Personalized assessment of supplements

How can we work together?

Start by scheduling your free half-hour discovery call to see how I can support you.